The Video Crush

The Video Crush

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Scott One-On-One

Skype call with Scott to get your video production questions answered right away. And answered right!

  • What gear should I use? How do I talk on camera?
  • What's best to edit with, so my head doesn't explode?

As Director of Post Production for a creative agency, I share the exact methods and strategies that I use myself and teach to my team.

Can you afford it?

I really believe you can't afford to NOT call. I've got 20+ years of experience to share. The alternative is for you to keep guessing- or worse. Not getting a professional consult may result in you doing things in a terribly inefficient, frustrating, and mind-numbingly complicated way.

You'll waste your time for years to come. Your family will abandon you. You're dog will growl at you, and neighbors will pelt you with rocks and garbage.

So. You tell me... can you afford not to invest in yourself?

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